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                                                                      More than just a massage...

                                                                      Issues in your tissues can make your like come to a screeching halt  depending on the                                                                           issue and area.  You may find it difficult if not  impossible to get  through the day.

​                                                                      Massage works to rid your body of life's everyday stress, reduces recovery time,  and                                                                               rejuvenate your blood flow helping to keep you healthy.

Think of massage as your opportunity to leave your job, family and stress aside for one hour.  Image one hour to yourself.

You're likely to experience more than a traditional massage during your visit.

To release tension we'll use a laser getting deep into the muscle.  You won't feel anything during the treatment but will notice a big relief. 

For an added sensation we may use light vibration to stimulate blood flow and rejuvenate the muscles or laser treatments to release tension.

Massage to relax:

One more great reason to come see me Aromatherapy treatment imagine a deep penetration of warm oils dripping soft over your back. You are relaxed and it seems as life's cares and problems have slipped away and you are feeling a  sense of relaxation you very rarely have.  That's the power of an aromatherapy treatment.

Using a mixture of essential oils, we may be able to treat some ailments, expand your relaxation experience or aid in recovery.  To be effective, essential oils require proper application, temperature and must be applied slowly.  This treatment is truly invigorating and beyond anything you've ever experienced. 

       And to heal.

Relieve Stress
Encourage Relaxation
Improve Circulation
Lower Blood Pressure
Help Manage Pain
Relax Muscles
Improve Flexibility
Alleviate Discomfort During Pregnancy
Promote Deeper and Easier Breathing
Relieve Tension Headaches
Strengthen the Immune System
Enhance Post-Operation Rehabilitation 
Improve Sports Performance
Relieve Migraines
Improve TMJ
Stress Release
Nero Muscular
       And More..... 

                      ~ Colorado Community Media